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Pool Houses

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Cedar Pool House


Styles: Square, Rectangular, Gazebo Pool House
Sizes available: AVAILABLE IN ANY SIZES starting from 6' x 8'. Call for a price you do not see listed.
Wall Height: 6.3' walls
Framing: 2x4's SPF - meets demanding wind and snow loads
Floor: 2x4's or 2x6's - pressure treated joists and plywood decking, boards
Roof shingles: Asphalt, Cedar Shakes
Roof sheathing: OSB, Plywood or boards
Siding: Pine (Log, Tongue and Groove, Rough Boards), Vinyl, Smart Panel, Cedar log
Windows: Plexiglas wooden frame windows or functional windows
Pairs of shutters of flower boxes
Roof vent
Door: 32" single door or 48" double door

Choose from an almost unlimited number of options, accessories and features to truly build that unique structure that you have been dreaming of.
With our highly qualified team, we bring together the best in technology and craftsmanship in order to bring your project to life.


Pool House Pool House bar area
Pool House Pool House
POOL HOUSES are available in any sizes and can be customized to your exact need.